ActionTrax Steel Teeth

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Color: Orange
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The Metal Tooth Version features 72 pre-installed metal teeth. Our standard Nylon Teeth ActionTrax can be modified yourself or have us do the work and provide the hardware with this ready to go extreme version. Metal teeth provide a much greater "grab" on the tire and do not wear down like the nylon teeth do with minor wheel spin. We are currently using stainless steel bolts with washers and nylock nuts. A custom tooth is in the works.

100% Made In America. Improved design with input from elite military units and winning Baja 1000 racers. Featuring a sawtooth end for better material clearing capabilities. Quick link system to make temporary roads with whatever cording or flex-cuffs may already be in your kit. Pre formed drill bit alignment holes on the bottom of each tooth to allow for easy repair with our available lug repair kit, or use hardware you have on hand when teeth burn or wear down. Larger hand holds for gloves and big hands. Improved material composition with reinforced DuPont and UV Stabilizer. Designed to be multi-purpose and allow you to repair burnt teeth in the field. All materials and labor 100% US Sourced.

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