Kovea 2 Way BBQ



This Gas Barbecue is a stove and BBQ all in one! Comes with both a pot holder and Grill option, making an extremely versatile cooking system. The large burner has great conductive and thermal radiation, which keeps pots and pans heated evenly when used in the stove configuration. In Grill mode, there is an additional heat/flame distribution plate under the cooking surface which creates a radiant surface to more granularity distribute heat for perfect BBQ. The system also comes with a handle that makes it easy to swap cooking surfaces when they are still hot. When you are done, all of the parts stack inside the shell for a very compact package. The foldable legs and included carry bag make storage and transport a piece of cake. 

D - 308 X 308 X 163mm (Inner Box)
W - 6.56kg
F - Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister)
C - 120g/h (1,420kca / 5,633BTU / 1.65kW)

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