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Meet Artemis


I founded Artemis Overland on the philosophy that a life in the outdoors with friends is a life well-lived. Artemis is built on the many adventure experiences we have the had and our mission is to build a community around that. 

Why Artemis? As one of the oldest Gods, she was revered; deer and trees were sacred to her. Overlanding comes with a commitment to the wilderness. The name is also a reflection that overlanding is a pursuit for women and men. This website provides the gear to move from the parking lot to the outdoors and tap into our adventurous spirit.  

Artemis is family-owned and local.with a world wide reach. Whether you're shopping online or visiting our retail location in Springfield, Missouri, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. We are happy to help you get started with overlanding. Our online shop is just a small sample of what we can provide in the way of overlanding supplies, so if you don't see it, contact us.