Mag-Lok 5 Tool Kit (Off Roader's Kit IA)

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Mag-Lok's System of Connectable and Interchangeable Tools is revolutionizing the tool industry. Specifically designed and built to last with the patented Mag-LokGrip connector, all Mag-Lok Tools and their respective components are interchangeable and replaceable.

Billet4x4 has put together a 5-piece kit for the avid off-roader who ventures far off the beaten path. We've selected a group of tools that have proven essential in our stuck situations in all terrains.

Never be caught unprepared in a recovery or survival situation. The Mag-Lok® 5-Piece Offroader's Kit stores easily, and is of rugged construction allowing 'real-world' wilderness usage.

Mag-Lok® Offroader's Kit IA features:
Heavy duty steel construction.
Oval solid-grip Striking Handle.
Bladed tools ship with an edge. Can
be honed to a super sharp finish.
All tools are full-size.
Shovel is over 50" long when assembled.
Heavy-duty Carry Bag.
Patented Mag-LokGrip connector.

Mag-Lok® Offroader's Kit IA contains:
Axe, Crescent Tree Saw, 16" Bush Hook,
Mattock, Mud Shovel,
36" Striking handle, Heavy-duty Storage bag.

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