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From the start in 1932, Helle knives have been made and sold based on the same set of principles of honesty, hard work and quality. From these principles the Helle philosophy has evolved from the past, place, people and production that is Helle knives.

At Helle we treasure our past, and the many events that have shaped who we are today. From Steinar Helle traveling to America to work in the 1920s but returning to Norway to produce knives as a result of the Great Depression, to historical shifts in sales and production due to increasing prosperity in Norway, Helle has always adapted to these momentous historical changes. Instead of working against history, Helle has prospered and thrived from embracing it.

This is represented in our knives. Many are based on traditional designs, and we treasure the handmade finishes that have been the hallmark of Helle knives throughout history. At the same time Helle's adaption approach has always been to continuously push ourselves and adapt our traditional designs and methods to new realities. The past is always with us as we embrace the future. 

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