Holiday Gift Ideas for 2022

The Holidays are upon us again.  Here in 2022 we have not seen a ton of new gear come out that has really wowed us, but there are still many nice things out there you can purchase for your Overlanding and Outdoors person.  I have compiled a list of things I actually use and can recommend that the special person in your life can surely get some use out of in the wild.  I have divided the following into categories by amount spent so that you can figure out what will fit into your budget.  Let's get started!


Stocking Stuffers


Kovea Fire Z-Torch $27.95

            This is a great tool for those who like to cook outdoors!  It is not just a culinary tool but also doubles as a great fire starter!  But…Culinary Torches aren't just for Crème Brûlée.  Here are a few dishes you can cook with a torch:

Steak Sous Vide – Serving up thick steak cooked sous vide while Overlanding cannot be beat, but cooking this way does not caramelize the outside of the meat. Use a blowtorch for a quick sear to finish it to perfection.

Skillet Pizza – No need for an oven when you have a good blowtorch! Cook the crust in a pan then melt the cheese on top with an open flame.

Fish – Nearly any fish will do. Most fresh fish are fine to eat raw, but putting a good sear on the outside gives it a different flavor, and creates a more appealing texture.

The Fire-Z Torch also doubles as a handy fire starter.



ShowerPouch $6

            One of the biggest challenges for outdoor enthusiasts is maintaining good hygiene when a shower or sink is not available. Shower Pouch has developed a large 2' x 1' full body wet wipe to address your shower needs!



Camp Cover Visor Pouch $12.14

            This is a practical and convenient visor organizer for the safekeeping of essential travel documents, money, cards and permits.  It is equally useful for off-road enthusiasts and those conquering the concrete jungle.  The Velcro loops at the back of the unit ensure secure and snug fitment.



My MEDIC the SOLO First Aid Kit $49.95

            Let us face it, going out into the world or the wild by yourself is awesome! There is something about being on your own that makes you feel... free. Just in case you find yourself in trouble, use the buddy system - the Solo is that buddy you have been looking for. When you go solo... carry The Solo.  Slip it in your backpack, your rucksack, or whatever you call what you are carrying with you. The paracord has been attached on the outside to also give you the flexibility to attach it anywhere, any way you want it.




Under $50


TrailHound Camping Light 30ft $24.99

Talk about camp vibes! The TRAIL HOUND™ 30 FT. CAMPING LIGHT is guaranteed to spice up any camping trip by providing endless hours of functional ambient mood lighting in the great outdoors. Whether y Talk about camp vibes! The TRAIL HOUND™ 30 FT. CAMPING LIGHT is guaranteed to spice up any camping trip by providing endless hours of functional ambient mood lighting in the great outdoors. Whether you’re tent camping or rocking the van life, these high-efficiency light strands are a go-to choice for making memories along the way.  The patented technology in these high-efficiency LED light strands provide the most light, over the longest distance, using the least amount of energy. Simply plug the 100 waterproof LEDs into any USB power source, battery, or adapter, and experience the freedom of the night without your headlamp.



Oztent Sidekick $49

            The Sidekick ticks all the boxes – it can be used as a fishing stool, a footrest, a small table or even somewhere to put your portable fridge. The Oztent Sidekick can achieve all this through a clever transforming design. The hard side-flap folds out of the way for use as a stool or footrest, or can be secured to the top of the Sidekick to convert it into a stable surface to place your fridge or other camping gear.

            The Sidekick is made with a steel frame and is weight rated to 242lb. Not only that, but due to its design, when you fold down your Sidekick it is only about 3" wide, so you can easily find space to fit it in for any trip!



Under $100


FrontRunner Expander Camping Chair $76

            Traveling with chairs has always been a difficult task due to their size. Comfort is always the first to go when challenged with an over packed vehicle.  Don’t be left standing - you won’t need much room to bring along the Front Runner Expander Chair.  This chair is designed with a new space-saving patent pending technology.  This innovative technology allows this full-sized chair to compact to 1/16th its size, easily stored in limited space because it folds down to the size of a laptop case.



IronMan 4x4 EcoPressure Shower $99

            Not only does this smart set-up not require any power to operate, but also offers a warm shower solution thanks to its solar-heating function.  Simply fill the 12L storage bag with fresh water, leave it in the sun for a couple of hours then connect the foot pump. A few quick pumps and you will have gloriously warm water… on tap!  The shower water is delivered through a trigger-spray allowing you to ensure ultimate control over water usage, and even includes a water-level indicator and a handy temperature gauge.

            The super strong 420D TPU bag stands independently and features carry-handles and even a storage pocket for the shampoo!  All connections and fitting are included, everything you need, including a handy carry bag.



Claymore V600 rechargeable fan $64.50

            Stay cool in the summer with this amazing rechargeable fan.  A built-in 7,800mAH battery that can last up to 30 hours powers the Claymore rechargeable fan. It also operates with a reversible USB-C connector that allows the fan to charge faster than other USB fan cable. It comes with a hang handle, detachable tripod stand and a carry-on bag that makes it a convenient travelling fan, beach camping fan and many more uses




FrontRunner Camp Kitchen Utensil set $69.95

            This is a high quality kitchen set with everything you could possible need from one person to six.  Everything you need for cooking and eating is stored nice and neatly whether laying on a table or hung up at the campsite.  It rolls up securely for safe, rattle free transport.  The set includes 4x serrated knifes and 4x steak forks. 4x dessertspoons and 4x teaspoons. 1x chopping board, 1x paring knife, 1x bread knife and 1x carving knife. 1 x serving spoon, 1x spatula, 1x BBQ/Campfire fork, 1x Bottle opener and corkscrew. 



23Zero Tasman Chair $84.95

            The Tasman chair from 23Zero is designed with the best features a camp chair can offer, First and foremost its sturdy and comfortable , a mesh back to keep you cool and armrest strong enough to use to help you get up when the time comes.  The handy side pocket gives you  somewhere to put your frosty beverage and a home for your mobile phone to live while you relax.



Under $200

Kovea Refillable EZ EcoStove $149.95

            The Kovea EZ Eco Stove is a refillable canister-free stove system that allows you to pre charge with whatever canister fuel you happen to have at home. One major advantage of this stove over other canister type systems is that you can use multiple fuel types! Butane is by far the cheapest fuel option (although it doesn't do as well at freezing temperatures). The Kovea EZ Eco lets you leave your disposable canisters at home for recycling while you head out for the weekend. The system carries enough fuel (27g) to boil 500ml 5-6 times on 1 gas fill - that's enough for a typical solo weekend trip or an overnight getaway for 2.



Oztent King Kokoda Hotspot Chair $169.99

            The same great chair you love, now with added HotSpot features. The new HotSpot chair range includes 4 insulated pockets designed to hold up to 4 HotSpot Pouches for an incredible passive heating experience.  Now you can enjoy the warmth of the fire on your front and up to an hour's warmth inside your chair!



23Zero Springbak Chair $119

            The 23ZERO Springbak chair offers the trilogy of sturdiness, compactness, and comfort of a take-anywhere camp chair. As derived by its name, the Springbak features the latest design bands of shock cord along either side of the chair acting as springs increasing comfort you will not find in many camp chairs. Large swivel feet avoid ground sinking and an integrated swing-out drink holder which also accommodates coffee mugs with handles and wine glasses make this a family favorite. Carry bag included.        



Oztent Bi-Fold Table $149.99

            The Bi-Fold Table is perfect for all camping occasions. Its small pack size makes it an easy addition to your kit. It is made of durable aluminum and is easy setup and take down.



Under $500


Adventure Skottle from Tembo Tusk $295

            The Skottle is fabricated in the USA and comes pre-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The  Adapter allows the GSI Glacier stove to be secured to the bottom of the Adventure Skottle pan.  The GSI stove is well build and sturdy and with its 10,000 BTU power and simmer control, Glacier Camp Stove can cook any meal like a chef!  The aluminum legs are removable.  



Portable Propane Fire Pit from Tembo Tusk $325

            The propane Fire Pit is a fun answer to the bulky fire pits available on the market.  It is easy to assemble, easy to store and lightweight.   Made from Stainless Steel, this fire pit is durable and made last a lifetime.  The Kit includes the flat pack fire pit, a 20,000 BTU burner, a 4' stainless steel braided propane hose with regulator and a high quality carry bag. 



Tembo Tusk Skottle Kit $395

            The grill is fabricated in the USA and comes per-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The Skottle is designed around an inexpensive Coleman style single burner.  The burner simply hangs in the frame under the bottom of the Skottle pan.  The legs are removable.   The carry bag will hold the Skottle pan, burner and up to four 16oz gas bottles.  The legs have a separate storage bag with a Velcro closure. 



And Beyond…

Partner Steel 22" 2-burner Stove $510

            Partner Steel Stoves are proven in decades of heavy outfitted use.  They are sturdy and functional. Burners deliver 10,000 BTUs each and lift out for easy cleaning. Grids are 5/16″ diameter stainless steel and exterior is a sturdy 5052 aluminum.

            All stoves are made from high-grade aluminum, which are built to last. The grills are Stainless Steel and the gas manifolds are Brass. Other than the burners, the entire stove is designed to remain rust-free and very low maintenance, providing years of service even in the harshest environments. All stoves come with regulator and hoses.



23Zero Peregrine 270 Awning $799

            The new 5 arm Peregrine 270 Awning is suitable for mounting on most 4wds and trailers including Tear drop styles with a rear galley.  The Peregrine 270 Awning from 23 Zero offers an incredible amount of shelter and is the perfect choice for your overlanding or camp set up. Ideal for overnight stays, meal breaks and long term base camping.

            With a span of over 19 ft along the length of the vehicle when fully erected, the Peregrine 270 provides second to none shelter and coverage. With the optional 2 walls erected the peregrine goes to the next level with up to 279 sqf  of shelter around your vehicle making it ideal for both sun and rain protection.  Measuring 84 Inches when stowed making it suitable for many mounting applications. 

Set up of the awing alone can be achieved in under 60 seconds by one person due to the Peregrines freestanding design. Incorporating two convenient integrated swing down pivoting telescopic legs for ease of set up and pack down and constructed with extruded box alloy rafters and cast alloy hinge mechanisms the Peregrine 270 is surprisingly lightweight at under 51lb.  Using 280gsm 65/35 ripstop polycotton canvas with LST (light suppression technology) canvas to keep you cool and shaded.



Garmin TREAD Overland Edition $1299


Built for every part of the journey, this rugged all-terrain navigator has the mapping you need to stay on track and communication technology to stay in touch while you are out there.




Taruca Extreme 270 Awning

            The Next-Gen Extreme taking on the form and sharing the unique swing around double arm design giving the Extreme even more strength.   Black Backing Plate, Upgrade Buckles, clip in leg are some of the new upgrades…

The Next-Gen Extreme still comes with 1 built in leg, if you require the full wall kit it would be recommend getting the extra legs as well.  The Extreme 270 is a new improved awning for vehicles providing quick installation and unparalleled shade area.

The setting up and packing up is a 1-person job and can be done in only seconds. The bag is big enough, so no degree is needed, and the handy Velcro strips are in place to keep the awning secure while you zip it close.  The design of the Extreme is focused on the Hinge providing unmatched strength in this category free from poles and ropes. Manufactured from high quality and durable square tube aluminum frame that starts with 2 tubes at the base and running into one.



With these deals and MORE, we are sure we can help you fill the Christmas lists of all your loved ones. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call or drop by our next showroom on E. Olive in Springfield, MO.  We would love to see you!  Merry Christmas!

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